Every modern e-commerce today (mind us if the early years of e-commerce presence we called it as classic), must ensure that their photographies on their sites are made up of only very high quality photo and must be very attractive to their visitors. There are a few elements that these photo must fulfill other than the two that we just mentioned which includes showcase the appearance and functions of the product. However, to ensure that all of these elements were fulfilled by the essence of the presence of photo itself, there are actually an extremely important kit for e-commerce that sells product.

This kit is made up of:

1. Studio. We are not joking as we say this, as being photographer Malaysia, we realized just how much having a studio or a site that can act as a studio can be very crucial in ensuring the message and product message could be translated well into photographs. Studio keeps you focus from other external noise and ensure the photography session will flow smoothly following the schedule to snap all the 300 hundred products in 4 hours.

2. White wall. By saying white walls, we don’t say that it should literally be a white wall but instead, you could prepare the white background Photographer Malaysia or backdrop that will enhance the lighting of your photo. Furthermore, white background ensure that your vital focus of the photo would be your product instead of a Porsche passing by behind your model.

3. Lighting. Other than keeping a good composure of photo for your e-commerce, it is also a mandatory for you to keep a good source of lighting for the photo. It is very common for photographer Malaysia to possess some basic lighting equipment to ensure that indoor photos need lesser natural lighting that might affect the time of the photoshoot itself.

Although there are many more kits that you as an e-commerce site owner should possess as advised by photographer Malaysia, we must emphasize that these three are the main tools that become part of the kit that makes or breaks your product photographs.

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