How would you label individuals on Facebook? There are a couple of various ways. It relies upon whether you are labeling a notice, a photograph or a note. To label a note, you can tap on the title of the note to alter it. At that point type the names of the general population you need labeled into the “Label People in this Note” area.

How would you tag photographs in Facebook? First you have to go to your photograph collections and view the photograph you need to add labels to. Snap the connection that says “label this photograph” and your cursor will transform into a crosshair as you move your mouse over the photograph. Snap on every one of the general population you need to mark and type their names.As you tag a photograph to someone special, you can also add some encouragement message from Whatsapp Status to make it more perfect..

Shouldn’t something be said about labeling your Facebook announcements? To do it, you have to type the @ image where you need the individual’s name to show up in your Facebook status and tail it with the individual’s name. For instance, if your companion is Mary Smith, you would begin composing your update and when you need to make reference to Mary, type @Mary Smith. Before you wrap up your companion’s name, Facebook will drop down a menu of coordinating individuals and pages to browse. When this dropdown menu shows up, you can essentially tap on the right decision to frame the connection. Presently when your announcement is distributed, Mary Smith’s name will show up as a connection that perusers can tap on to be taken to Mary’s profile page.

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